Organ Model

Allow me to introduce you to Grace, Fisk Op 153. Isn't she lovely? This is a picture of the model of our
Chancel area and instrument. The model is in the Fisk workshop. She was designed to look as if she
had always been a part of the Sanctuary and adds a complementary balance to the stories told by the
windows and the suspended cross with crown of thorns. Notice how many of the shapes in the case
reflect the shapes found in our windows. And see the little designs in colors? They are colors from the
windows. Her case will be of oak, like our pews, but rather honey-toned to integrate with the windows.
The facade pipes (the pipes that we see) are the Principal 16' on the Great. This will be the core of her
sound. The pipes of that rank are made of a hammered metal alloy of 98% lead. Metal pipes can be
made of various alloys of tin and lead and other metals. Those with high lead content like ours have a
warm, inviting sound and hammering gives them a lovely semi-gloss appearance. They won't be as
shiny as the pipes of our previous organ which were of high tin content with a brilliant sound. The
gilded mouths will be a nice contrast on the darker bodied pipes.


The case doesn't fill the entire width of the arches. That results in advantages aesthetically, acoustically
and practically. Aesthetically this design gives us the ratio of height versus width that is most pleasing.
In this view you may not be able to see that there are floor to ceiling pipes along the back wall. Those
pipes along both edges will be able to speak more directly into the room and support our hymn singing.
And practically speaking the side doors to the organ chamber are still accessible.


This physical model will soon be translated to a CAD model and construction of parts of our organ will
begin in earnest next month.

Through the generosity of memorials, we are able to add a cymbelstern to the organ. The cymbelstern is a set of little bells that ring in a pattern when they are engaged. They add a happy, whimsical
background to the music. But as my grandmother used to say, “Pretty is as Pretty does.” Grace will fulfill her role of adding to the visual aspect of our worship, but even more, offer a myriad of voices to add to our own in prayer and praise.

Sally Potter
Wesley Organist

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