Our gifts of time, talents, and treasures at...Franklin Elementary (Part 1)

One ministry Wesley has been involved with for more than 5 years is helping at Franklin Elementary. Wesley has helped by providing books to students and the library, a carnival for several years, items for families in need, and much more. One of the most successful ways Wesley has been involved, however, is our gift of time with students in their classrooms. Below is one glimpse of how a teacher sees the benefits of our volunteers...

I have no idea how to completely express the gratitude I feel as I see our volunteers interact with our Franklin students. This feeling is mirrored in the faces of our students as they work with you throughout our days.

Our students look forward to their time each and every week. The students come back and share what they have done. They are proud of their work and always have smiles as they return.

For me, I have directly aligned the skills and strategies to address the gaps that our data has shown. When our students have another opportunity to work on these skills the outcomes usually show us growth in an academic sense. This is just one benefit of having wonderful volunteers

Another plus is simply having more adults our students can rely on to be an ear to listen, a positive role model, and a cheerleader for them. This is probably the biggest benefit. You might not know exactly how much this means, but I can simply say it can help make our children feel whole.

We always say we can't teach our students until they feel loved, safe, and appreciated. You are all helping us on this path.

To each and every volunteer, you are loved and appreciated!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Cheryl Reed, 3rd Grade Teacher
Franklin Elementary

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