August Update

Hi everyone, for this month's update we made you a video!  Check it out at the end of the post to see a walk through of all the progress and updates to come.  This month has shown us a lot of visual progress now that the scaffolding is down and crews are able to work on the main floor areas again.

All of the ceiling plaster work and painting is completed and if  you have not had a chance to check out the new color scheme we encourage you to stop by and take a look!  Paint progress along the walls and other areas of the sanctuary is coming along, this paint refresh will eventually include the hallways surrounding the sanctuary leading to the basement fellowship hall and the education wing. New pockets for recessed lighting have been cut along the stained glass windows, this will help to brighten and highlight the windows and really make them sparkle. The refinishing of the floors on both levels, the main floor and balcony, has been started and looks beautiful.

Trustees have taken the opportunity, while the sanctuary is a mess, to update our radiator system.  The old steam radiators have been removed and are being replaced with fin style radiators that can accept both steam heat and hot water.  The idea is that then when we are ready to update our current boiler, we will be able to with less mess and expense and more control over when the switch happens.  Changing to an eventual hot water heating system which is more efficient and quieter is the goal.  This change to the boiler and radiator system is being funded through an endowment left to the trustees for this purpose, so no Rebuilding Better campaign funds will be used for this project.

The church pews are currently scattered around the sanctuary and will be getting moved around more as the crews need to access different areas.  We will be keeping the original pews, and when they are all back in their places they will be receiving a good cleaning and new cushions.   Along the back of the pews on the right side of the sanctuary will be our new media control area, this is large improvement in what our volunteers are able to hear during services and should result in better sound and media for everyone.

If you take a look at the chancel area you will notice some changes taking place.  The chancel itself is 33 inches larger to allow for more room for the band and choirs, this expansion meant we will have removed one row of pews which is about 16 seats.  The main circular stairs in the center of the chancel will be larger as well to match the expansion.  Other big improvements include the new handicap accessible ramp being installed on the right side of the chancel and the improved stairs installed on the left.

The organ chamber itself has been finished and is ready to go for the new organ which will be arriving in 3-5 years.   The new chamber has not only had repairs to the damaged area, but now has a multi-layered insulation and plywood construction and sound reflective paint, all designed to improve the acoustics of the space. The new chamber is also climate controlled to improve the environment and maintenance of the new organ.

Up in the balconies, improvements are taking place that are quite minor cost wise, but will be very visually effective.  These include refinishing the current floors as well as carpeting the main floor and stairways.  Rebuilding the stairways to improve the safety and ease of use to get into the top rows, replacing the florescent lighting with fixtures that match our architecture, removing or repairing broken chairs, and general clean up of the space.

We hope you enjoy all the improvements as much as we do and check out the video below!



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