Reading like a novel, The Story offers a seamless, compelling narrative of the Bible with verse references removed. Condensed into 31 accessible chapters, The Story sweeps readers into an unfolding chronological progression of Bible characters and events. For people new to the Bible, this way of reading scripture reduces the intimidation one can feel when approaching the full-length unabridged Bible, and it gives them a holistic and sequential picture of the storyline of Scripture. For seasoned Bible veterans, the chronological arrangement of the essential texts reveals the way the whole Bible fits together in a single, grand narrative.

We encourage everyone at Wesley to read through the grand narrative of the story of the Bible. A chapter will be assigned to read for the week, then Pastor Bruce will do a sermon on a segment of the chapter, and small groups (children and adults) will discuss a different portion of the chapter after watching a brief video from Randy Frazee. If you have never been a part of a small group; this is your chance! Check out our Small Groups page to see where you can join The Story.

Resources for The Story are available now from Wesley. The Nyweide Endowment for Christian Education has made it possible to provide one adult Bible, one lower elementary Bible, and a personal teen/upper elementary Bible to every family at Wesley free of charge. The Story begins on Sept. 17th. It's never to late to jump in and join us on the journey! Check out the Schedule page to see where we are!