Wesley Word – December 28, 2022

Carolyn Lemaster   -  

To go along with service on: Sunday, January 1, 2023

Experiencing Grace

Exploring Truth – A Light to the Nations: Come to the Light

Isaiah 60:1-6 & Matthew 2:1-12

After Christmas we begin the season of Epiphany. Epiphany is all about discovering who Jesus is and our Epiphany series this year is called, “A Light to the Nations.” During this series we are going to be discovering that Jesus is more than a Jewish Messiah, he is the Savior of the whole world.

On Epiphany Sunday, we remember the visit of the Wise Men. These are the first non-Jewish people to come to Jesus and you could not really get much more non-Jewish than the Wise Men. They were foreigners, pagans who practiced astrology. And yet, God used what they know to lead them to Christ.

Throughout its history, the Church has grown best and the Gospel has spread the fastest when we have tried to redeem and re-interpret culture, rather than replace it, whenever and wherever we could. Christ has come to all people, to all races, nations, and cultures, to the whole world.

New Testament in a Year: https://wesleyonline.org/biblereading/

  • December 28     Revelation 19:1-21
  • December 29     Revelation 20:1-15
  • December 30     Revelation 21:1-27
  • December 31     Revelation 22:1-21
  • January 1            Matthew 1:1-2:12
  • January 2            Matthew 2:13-3:6
  • January 3            Matthew 3:7-4:11
  • January 4            Matthew 4:12-25

Expressing Love: Family/Mission Activity

Going on a long trip can be a lot of work. You have to pack, make sure you have snacks, gas, plane tickets, someplace to sleep when you get there, and the list goes on and on. Often it is said that one needs a vacation after a vacation, but imagine going on a trip not really knowing where you are going. This is exactly what the wise men (magi) did. Their GPS was a star! I for one can not imagine going on a trip and following a star as my directions. Much like the disciples of Jesus, His followers did not have a map of where they were going, their faith in Him was so great they would follow Him, even when he went to places that made them uncomfortable.

One of my favorite things to do is go on drives. Most of the time I have a destination at the end of the drive, sometimes not. Take a drive this week (even if it’s just in town) turn on roads you do not usually take. Think of all the things that you could have missed by following the easy route, the one you know by heart.

Bonus: Here is a link to take you to a short story. This story I read in probably 5th grade for a report. This was the first time I had encountered the word magi.



  • January 1, New Year’s Day, One Service at 10:00am
  • Wesley Kids! Grades 2-6 – Open Gym in the Wesley Family Life Center, Friday, December 30 @ 2:00-4:00 pm. Come and bring a friend (or two).  Basketball, Soccer, Snacks, Games!
  • Thursday Morning Bible Study begins January 5, 9:30-11:00 a.m. If interested, contact Nancy Wall, 563-260-4125.
  • WOW will resume on Wednesday, January 11.
    • 6:00pm Refreshments and fellowship
    • 6:15pm Mid-week worship
    • 6:30-7:30 Small groups for all ages
  • 29th Annual Eagles and Ivories: January 19-22For complete details and tickets visit the Muscatine County Arts Council website, muscatineartscouncil.org . Tickets are also available at Flowers on the Avenue, 1138 E. 9th St, Muscatine and at the doors of the venues.
    Soup Supper: Friday, January 20, 5:00-7:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall. Music by the Mad Creek Mudcats.
    Syncopation Desserts: Saturday, January 21, 5:00-7:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall. Music by the Locust Street Boys.
    Volunteers are needed for the Soup Supper and Dessert Events: We will need pies or desserts, people to prepare soup, and people to help serve.  Contact Mary Whitacre at 563-299-7050.