Wesley Word – February 15, 2023

Carolyn Lemaster   -  

To go along with service on Sunday, February 19, 2023

Experiencing Grace

Exploring Truth – A Light to the Nations: Eyewitnesses of Majesty

2 Peter 1:16-21 & Matthew 17:1-9

We are finishing our Epiphany series: A Light to the Nations. Throughout this Epiphany season, we have been discovering who Jesus is and how he came, not just to be the Jewish Messiah, but the Savior of the whole world. This Sunday is the last Sunday of the Epiphany Season: Transfiguration Sunday.

Transfiguration is one of my favorite Sundays. It is the ultimate epiphany, the ultimate revealing of who Jesus is. On the Mount of Transfiguration Jesus is revealed in all of his glory. I think that what the disciples are seeing is how Jesus, the Son, looked in heaven before he came to earth.

Understandably, the disciples have a hard time describing, much less really understanding, what they are seeing. In fact, 30 years later, when writing his second epistle, Peter still seems to be struggling to get his head around it.

We too can have profound experiences of the presence and power of God. They may not be as dramatic as the Transfiguration, but they are no less real. Often, like Peter, we do not fully appreciate them until much later. If we try really hard, all of us can remember when we have been eyewitnesses of majesty.


New Testament in a Year: https://wesleyonline.org/biblereading/

  • February 15        Mark 1:1-28
  • February 16        Mark 1:29-2:12
  • February 17        Mark 2:13-3:6
  • February 18        Mark 3:7-30
  • February 19        Mark 3:31-4:25
  • February 20        Mark 4:26-5:20
  • February 21        Mark 5:21-43
  • February 22        Mark 6:1-29


Expressing Love: Family/Mission Activity

Transfiguration: a change in form or appearance; an exalting, glorifying, or spiritual change (Merriam-Webster)

To transform can be a magical thing! We all have been born again and transformed into Christians. At my house we, the children and I, raise caterpillars in the summer. We walk past where we are raising them, waiting for the tell-tale signs we have come to know that tell us that our fat little caterpillars are getting ready to make their cocoon. After the cocoon is made and is the greenest of green colors with the gold rim on it, we wait and watch for the cocoon to turn black. When this happens, we know that very soon a butterfly will appear. I had the glorious privilege of watching a butterfly emerge, it is kind of hard to catch this. I sat transfixed on this transformation, full well knowing that I am watching a beautiful God given thing. It shook me. Not everybody raises butterflies, so this year our Sunday school class is growing plants. Week by week they watch this tiny plant grow from the sun, water, and love that they are giving them. They are learning about transformations without even realizing it!

So, this week, I challenge you to take a short walk around your neighborhood and/or yard. Do you see signs of Spring, where soon color will appear in a drab season with little color. Do you see the little miracles? The ones God has given us so very long and will continue to give?

“What you seek is seeking you.” – Rumi



  • WOW February 15th, 6:00pm
  • CAT Survey – Wesley is participating in the CAT (Congregational Assessment Tool) provided by the Iowa Annual Conference. The CAT is an extensive survey for the whole congregation that will help us better understand the needs of our church. All who are interested and able are invited to complete the survey. Go to www.wesleyonline.org/cat and click on “Take Survey.”
  • Open Gym for Grades 2-6 – Monday, February 20, from 2-4 pm in the Wesley Family Life Center. There will be adult supervision with games and snacks.
  • New Membership Class – For those interested in becoming members of Wesley, Pastor Brian will host a New Membership Class on Sunday, February 26th at 10am during Sunday School in the Parlor.
  • Ash Wednesday Service – Wednesday, February 22nd, 7pm, at First Presbyterian Church.
  • Men’s Lenten Breakfast – United Methodist Churches in the area are hosting a series of breakfasts for Men during Lent each Saturday at 8am.
    • February 25th @ Cedar Valley UMC
    • March 4th @ New Hope UMC
    • March 11th @ Sweetland UMC
    • March 18th @ Wesley UMC
    • March 25 @ Spangler Chapel UMC
    • April 1 TBD
  • Lenten Taizé Services – Sunday evenings during Lent at 5:15pm in the chapel. Join us on February 26, March 5, 12, 19, 26, and April 2.
  • Jackson Concert Series—Opera Iowa presents “Beauty and the Beast”, March 3, 7:30 pm.