Wesley Word – May 10, 2023

Carolyn Lemaster   -  

To go along with service on Sunday, May 14, 2023

Experiencing Grace

Exploring Truth – If You Love Me…

John 14:15-21

Please Note: This will be the last Wesley Word at least for the summer. We want to allow Pastor Kayla an opportunity to settle in and decide what direction she wants to take it.

This Sunday is Mothers’ Day and we will all be trying our hardest to figure out how to express our love and appreciation to all the important women in our lives. Cards, flowers, candy, jewelry, and special dinners out will be shared in abundance.

But how do we demonstrate our love toward God? Jesus said, “If you love me, keep my commandments.”

We show our love for Jesus by obeying him, doing what he says. Obeying is an important way to show love to Jesus, and to Mom, because when we obey someone, we show that we trust them and that we want to please them. That makes Jesus, and Mom, happy.


New Testament in a Year: https://wesleyonline.org/biblereading/

  • May 10 John 6:22-42
  • May 11 John 6:43-71
  • May 12 John 7:1-30
  • May 13 John 7:31-53
  • May 14 John 8:1-20
  • May 15 John 8:21-30
  • May 16 John 8:31-59
  • May 17 John 9:1-41


Expressing Love: Family/Mission Activity

Showing our love and appreciation can be as easy as a warm smile. At times it can be just a little bit harder. With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, it now becomes decision time at my house for my children, and many children out there. One year I received a new weed whipper and leaf blower (I adore yard work), yard art another year and always a family meal whether it’s cooked at home or we go out to eat (I’m very happy to watch my children cook me a meal together). When asked, I always say “For you to be happy and healthy.” I get a groan. One thing I do know that is easy to do, show my love for Jesus. In prayer each day, I’m showing my love, I’m obeying Him and giving Him thanks. At times it’s harder for some, depending on the season you are in in your spiritual life. Using your gifts is yet another way to show your love for God. He made us in His image for a reason. If we always show our love, thankfulness to Him in prayer, then it becomes easier to do to other people. My children tell me they love me, thank me and almost always (they are kids after all) obey my rules just as I strive to do these things to God. I teach my children to do these things in prayer. It takes time. We have to help each learn to pray in this way, adult to adult and adult to child.

So, spend some extra time in prayer this week just doing these three things. Pray just to tell Him you love Him, thank Him and in bowing in prayer we are obeying Him.

Father God,
Thank you for this blessed day. You have given me too many blessings to count, the love you have for me astounds me each day. Thank you for my life and these blessings.
In your blessed Son, Jesus name, Amen.



  • WOW (Wesley on Wednesdays) May 17, 6:00 pm Fellowship Meal.
  • Sunday school– This Sunday will be the last Sunday school for children and youth until fall.
  • Youth Fundraiser—May 30th at Applebee’s Restaurant. Eat from the special menu from open to close and the youth will receive a portion of the profits.
  • Micah 6:8 Book Club will meet at 12:00 noon the first Monday of each month. We chose “Fear of the Other” by William H. Willimon to read for our next meeting on June 5th.  It is available on Amazon for just under $10.  It is a short book and looks like an easy way to start. Our next book, “Resurrecting Church Where Justice and Diversity Meet Radical Welcome and Healing Hope” by John Cleghorn is available on Amazon for $9.12.
  • Harper’s Delight ensemble of harpists will play Sunday, June 11 at the 11:00 am worship service.
  • Vacation Bible School is June 25-29, 5:30-8:00 pm for children who have completed preschool—6th grades. Register online at wesleyonline.org.
  • Summer Music Camp is July 10-14 for children kindergarten—6th grades. More information and registration are online at wesleyonline.org or by paper copies available near the church office.